© 2017 Арт-дуэт НЕЗАБУДКА: Хорошилова Ольга & Сердобова Наталья


Nezabudka – Forget-me-not Art Duo

Designing and crafting handmade flowers, hats, fascinators and hair accessories.


For everyone who loves hats as much as we do – Olga Khoroshilova & Natalia Serdobova!

We create and we make it look great!


Our story


“No matter how often people talk about the emptiness of life – sometimes seeing a little flower is enough to make you change your mind.”

(Anatole France)


Welcome to “Forget-me-not”!

It all started when two good friends, Olga Khoroshilova (in the photo on the left) and Natalia Serdobova (in the photo on the right), both passionate designers of fabric flower accessories, decided to join hands and work together – and Nezabudka Art-Duo was born (”Nezabudka” – “Forget-me-not” in Russian).


After two years of our “flower experience” it was clear that handcrafted flowers should go beyond traditional items like brooches, headbands and bridal headwear to “spread their wings” (actually, petals) and that they need a brighter and more colorful frame.

So, we decided to create and make headpieces starting with classic millinery, adding flower elements to our hats.

But very soon our imagination led us further and we had so many ideas for original, beautiful and colorful hats and fascinators that we had to add them to our portfolio.


Every hat, every headpiece and every flower is created by hand at our studio in Moscow using the highest quality fabrics, feathers, vintage embellishments and a lot of other original elements, even sometimes unusual. Items are carefully sewn by hand and structured using traditional millinery techniques with modern style. We never use our old templates, every item is unique.


Nezabudka Art Duo is willing to give into the hands of every woman a palette of magical colors to brighten the day, to give her a chance to make a break from the daily routine and to change herself!


There is a plenty of handcrafted flower accessories in our collection made of different kind of fabrics and materials.

There are trendy everyday headbands with flowers made of fine Italian leather (with a thin invisible headband as well as on wider ones). On request you may complete a headband with a bracelet - and you get a stylish set!

For sophisticated ladies we have flowers made of lace, linen and fine silk.

Brave young girls will like flower accessories made of denim – various brooches that you can pin on a desirable part of clothes – put it on the lapel of your jacket or on the waist of jeans or decorate a purse. A pair of clip-on brooches could instantly change the style of your shoes!

We also have traditional silk flowers in our collection – in our experience, there is always a fine lady who needs an elegant rose or a fantastic chrysanthemum for her hat.

The most part of the millinery collection are fedoras and velour hats, as classical as well as modern style hats, and it also includes original, unique and extraordinary items!

And, of course, we have a great selection of summer hats!


Our motto is really expressing the point and the essence of our work:

Nothing is impossible! We create and we do it for you!