About me


Experienced headwear designer.
Passed in 2002 refresher courses at school

ES MODE in Paris, France.
Organizer, inspirer and co-author of the ART-duet "NEZABUDKA” TM.
Her products are always unusual and original, made with artistic taste.
In February 2015, Olga participated in Art week Poland and took second place in the category APPLIED ART.
The brand has participated in many competitions: Moscow Fashion Week, Estet Fashion Week, CHAPEAU & MosFur, Wedding Fashion Moscow.
At Monte Carlo Radio Grand Prix Race 2018, her hat was the winner.
Olga is a participant in the television project "PODIUM-2018 RUSSIA".
Her hats are worn by famous people and representatives of show business.

The geography of the owners of her hats is constantly expanding.

Olga generously shares her experience, conducts master classes.
Participates in fashion shows and shows.
She was awarded a diploma of the International Association of Headwear Designers for the preparation and participation in the fashion show on the theme: "Vintage".
He takes part in the international traveling exhibition of designer hats: "A hat as a work of art."

Tel .: 8 916 654 03 08
Instagram @khoroshilova_official


There is a plenty of handcrafted flower accessories in our collection made of different kind of fabrics and materials.

There are trendy everyday headbands with flowers made of fine Italian leather (with a thin invisible headband as well as on wider ones). On request you may complete a headband with a bracelet - and you get a stylish set!

For sophisticated ladies we have flowers made of lace, linen and fine silk.

Brave young girls will like flower accessories made of denim – various brooches that you can pin on a desirable part of clothes – put it on the lapel of your jacket or on the waist of jeans or decorate a purse. A pair of clip-on brooches could instantly change the style of your shoes!

We also have traditional silk flowers in our collection – in our experience, there is always a fine lady who needs an elegant rose or a fantastic chrysanthemum for her hat.

The most part of the millinery collection are fedoras and velour hats, as classical as well as modern style hats, and it also includes original, unique and extraordinary items!

And, of course, we have a great selection of summer hats!


Our motto is really expressing the point and the essence of our work:

Nothing is impossible! We create and we do it for you!